About Me

Hello! I'm Jeremy. I'm a professional front-end developer living and working in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. I've worked for many agencies and outfits across the metro, sometimes directly, sometimes as a contractor. I'm currently working for General Mills on their international websites doing development and performance engineering work.

Yes, it's cold here. No, we don't all talk like the cast in Fargo.
Yes, it's cold here. No, we don't all talk like the cast in Fargo.


I'm the author of the Manning Publications book Web Performance in Action. This title is available for preorder and early preview through Manning's MEAP Program. The book centers on the importance of web performance, and teaches the many aspects of improving this vital aspect of your websites using plain and approachable language.

Beyond writing a book, I've also written for some popular online outlets. Check out the full list of articles I've written here.


I also speak on technical topics that I feel are of use and importance to the web development community. With my book forthcoming, I'm interested in speaking at conferences on the topic of web performance, particularly how it's important in societal and economic contexts, such as internet access in the developing world. If you have a conference that you think I'd be a good fit for, let's talk.

Other Stuff

In my spare time, I enjoy writing and recording music. In 2015, I finished a record for my solo hard rock project Astride the Line. When all of this craziness with writing a book dies down a bit, I plan on writing a follow-up record.

I used to draw a lot, but I haven't really done much lately. I drew the self portrait image in the page header in Illustrator. I'd love to get back into drawing again, and intend to at some point.

If you're curious about anything else, or want to hire me for a project of yours, then just bug me via email!